Come browse around at the Book-Go-Round, where current to collectible books can be found, and prices are Friendly.
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  Used Book Store, operated by volunteers of the
Friends of the Saratoga Libraries to benefit the

Saratoga Library, Saratoga, California, a
Santa Clara County Library

Books for all ages & interests, loads of children's books, DVDs, records, musics CDs, audio books and more!

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Downtown Saratoga at the corner of HWY 9 (Saratoga Los Gatos Rd)
(408) 867-5552
Sunday thru Friday: Noon - 5 p.m. and Saturday: 10 a.m - 5 p.m.
EXCEPT New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day,
Thanksgiving & Friday after--until evening Open House), Christmas Day)


in the Friends Cafe

when you visit the
on 13650 Saratoga Ave



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DIRECTIONS & CONTACT INFORMATION - we're easy to find from anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area

DONATIONS of books, records, etc. are gladly accepted and are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. The Donations page gives tips for donating books, etc.

RECORDS, CDs & DVDS - new selection monthly.

SPECIAL FEATURES - mega or mini collections featured for a period of weeks or monthly.

SPECIAL EVENTS -  huge paperback sales held four times a year at The Saratoga Library. 

VOLUNTEER INFORMATION - If you like books, you're going to LOVE volunteering at the BGR

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Visit these sites to find out more about the Friends, Library, government, businesses, history and community of Saratoga, CA
Friends of the Saratoga Libraries,

Saratoga Library,
City Government,
Chamber of Commerce,
Saratoga Community Home Page
Saratoga Village

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Summer Special Features:
June - Knitting Books
July - Ireland
See our summer reads table
Going on a trip? Stop by and pick up a few books to take along!

Huge Paperback Sale at the Saratoga Library Oct. 28 - 29
Oct. 28 Saturday 10 - 6, books 25 cents each
Oct. 29 Sunday 1 - 4, books $3 per grocery bag

Exceptional Items in the Store
A History of Saratoga Libraries by Willys Peck
signed by the author, in slipcase.
Heritage Press, Harvard Classics
Easton Press, Franklin Library leather editions
Easton Press, Masterpieces of Science Fiction - large selection, full leather
Easton Press, Signed First Edition Science Fiction series, full leather
Autographed books